Privacy policy

Effective as from April 1, 2017

Welcome to CALMA (""CALMA"", ""we"", ""us"", ""our"", ""the application"", ""the platform""). CALMA is an application designed for smartphones by a group of researchers for suicide prevention in young people and adolescents through the use of crisis management strategies.

The application is designed as a self-help tool and is not intended to replace professional services in any way. Please seek help from a crisis service, doctor, or mental health service if you are having a suicidal ideation. The app contains information about where you can find such help. Please go to to see how the application works and how it can help you.

By using our service, you understand and agree to the fact that we are providing a platform on which you upload content, including photos, weekly plans, contacts and other materials (""User Content""). All this content is private, and no other user can see it except for you.

Our policies apply to all users.


    We collect the following types of information

    Information you provide directly:

    Your email, your password, your date of birth, your name (in part or full), your gender, and your sexual orientation. All this information is collected at the time of registration.

    User content (e.g., photos, weekly plans, and other content) that the user uploads to the platform.

    Communications between you and us, for example, by email.

    Usage information:

    We use third-party software (Google analytics, for example) to measure the use of the application and track the use of users within it. Such information is available only to platform personnel, and no user can access said information. This information is used to obtain usage statistics and measure the effectiveness of different functionalities within the application.

    Crisis information:

    When in crisis mode, we save the emotion that triggered the crisis and the different measurements the app makes throughout the crisis. In addition, we save the time you take for each card, and your GPS coordinates (low accuracy). As with the rest of your data, no user can access this information.


    The primary purpose of your information is to help us generate better strategies for you and other users, to make crisis management more effective, and to reduce the number of user crises. In addition, we use your information to:

    • Get crisis statistics by geolocation
    • Study the impact of sexual orientation and gender on suicidal behaviour.
    • Provide personalized content and strategies, which we consider are most appropriate for you.
    • Get crisis statistics by age.
    • Study the correlation between the effectiveness of the strategies and demographic data.
    • Perform different types of studies and generation of statistics.

    Learn more about how we use your data on our Data usage policy.


    We will not rent or sell your information to anyone, except for those established in this policy.

    People with whom we can share information:

    We can share all your information with anyone who belongs to the CALMA team. Third-party software used to record information (Example: Google Analytics) may use your usage information (not content generated by you), for its own reasons. We are not responsible for such use. We may use anonymous information to generate statistics. These statistics may be public, but the content generated by the user or their identity will not be disclosed under any circumstances.


    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Calma's privacy policies, please contact us at [email protected]


    Calma may change or update privacy policies periodically, please review these policies frequently. We can provide you with different forms of notice upon modification or update as we deem appropriate under adequate circumstances. Continuing to use Calma after such modifications will be interpreted as your acceptance of said modification.