Scientific articles

Calma is an app developed by health professionals. In this section we expose the scientific evidence on which the app is based.

Development of CALMA: A mobile APP for the prevention of suicide in adolescents and youth.

Daray FM, Olivera Fedi RH, Rodante DE. Vertex. 2018 Jan;29(137):55-64.

CALMA, a Mobile Health Application, as an Accessory to Therapy for Reduction of Suicidal and Non-Suicidal Self- Injured Behaviors: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Demián Emanuel Rodante, Marcela Kaplan; Ramiro Olivera Fedi; Pablo Gagliesi; Agustina Pascali; Paula Jose Quintero; Emilio Compte; Ana Inés Perez; Melina Weinstein; Luciana Chiapella; Federico Daray. Si estás interesado en el artículo completo, contactanos a [email protected]